Team India at World Championships in Cali, Colombia

Team India gearing up to travel to play in 2016 world championships at Cali, Columbia. The four delegate team consists of; Alok Mehta, Rajiv Vardhrajan, Sriram Ravindran and Thirumurugan Thiyagarajan (Thiru).  Player profiles is here. Go Team India, Play with a Roar !!!!

Meet Rajiv Vardhrajan

Rajiv Varadarajan has been playing racquetball since 2005 after watching a tournament at his club. Having never played racquet sports before, he loved the speed and intensity of the game. He now competes at the Open division in tournaments and plays singles and doubles. He has won many competitions at local, state and regional levels. He qualified for the Indian team by winning the qualifiers in India. He lives in Kirkland, Washington and owns an IT Solutions company.

Meet Sriram

Sriram Ravindran started playing racquetball 12 years ago and competitively for the past 10 years moving up along the way from the C division to Open. He has won several state and regional tournaments. He now looks forward to representing India in the world championships.

Meet Thiru:

Nick Names : Thiru, Thai
Thiru is an engineering graduate working in IT sector. He loves playing many sports but proficient in volleyball, cricket and soccer and has won many medals both in India and San Antonio. Thiru strives hard to keep himself fit by regularly going to gym and follow good diet.  He just started playing racquetball as a stress buster and a fitness sport. But later started searching for excellence in this sport because of the adrenaline, the speed and the intensity of the sport. He always loves to get into the court and compete with his mind and body thinking there is no second chance. He reached this height from 2010 to till now with his hard work and dedication. He has won medals in many IRT approved racquetball tournaments. His favorite quote is “Eat Clean and Train dirty” Recently he started working with Coach, George from San Antonio to advance his racquetball career .

Meet Alok

Alok Mehta (team captain) from Jaipur India and living in Chicago, has been playing racquetball since 1990. He represented team India in world championship in 2014 also as team captain. Highlights of his career includes winning several local, regional, state, national and world racquetball championships in many divisions such as; singles, age groups and doubles. He trains with IRT professionals and coaches. He is sponsored by E-force.