Thank You for making India Open a grand success

We have ended the Third edition of The India Open Racquetball Championships – 2016 on a great note. We thank the athletes, fans, officials, delegates, audience, supporters and the Media for all the support in making this another successful event. This year, we had 39 players compete in 81 matches over 3 days with players from 3 countries and the audience participation was tremendous too. We continued with the junior division this year as well, which is always a great sign of success.


We would like to extend special thanks to Lanco Hills for the continued support and providing the venue to conduct the event, Mr. Samuel Varghese and Mr. Usman Mohammed for the support provided in conducting the tournament. We take this opportunity to thank them for helping us promote Racquetball in India. We also thank Club Zeus and LHOWA and all the residents of Lanco Hills for being great hosts and helping everyone around.


A big thanks goes to Valuable Luxury Interiors and Express Electricals for being the primary sponsors for the event, without their support this event would not have been possible. We would like to thank the ARF & IRF for making this a sanctioned tournament.


A very special thanks goes to Mr. Oikawa Kazushige, Director of ARF, who travelled from Japan to be involved with the growth of Racquetball in India and also help train the Juniors. This goes on to prove the tremendous support the ARF and IRT – Japan for the growth of Racquetball in Asia.


We are really grateful to Dr. Jayesh Ranjan, IAS., Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Govt of Telangana and Commissioner of Industries and Managing Director of the TSIIC Limited, for accepting our invitation and gracing us with his presence at the opening ceremony at such a short notice. We thank Mr. Murali Bukkapatnam for inviting the guest on our behalf and making it happen.


Thanks to Mr. Srinivas Avasarala, who arranged for accommodation for the players that travelled to Hyderabad and volunteering whenever his schedule permitted, Mr. Vamsi Varanasi for coming from Bangalore as a volunteer to help with the tournament. A special thanks goes to Mr. Deepanjan Roy who ensured that the arrangements for food and other things were done on time and that no players went hungry and also entertaining the guests and delegates and taking care of their needs when needed.


Thanks to Ms. Sarada Vithala for anchoring our opening and closing ceremonies, Mr. Hari Voruganti, Mr. Ravi Putta, Mr. Pavan Kora, Mr. Mayank Chandel, Mr. Neeraj Garg, Mr. Suresh Madala, Mr. Ashish Garg, Mr. Yugandhar Tammareddy and too many other residents of Lanco Hills for helping out in whatever way possible to ensure that things went smoothly.


Thanks to all the media that has extended their support in helping spread awareness of Racquetball around the country. You have been our voice that has reached everyone like a roar.


This event would not have been the same without the audience and supporters. We thank you all for the outstanding support that inspired the athletes to perform better. Your support inspires and motivates us to grow the sport in the country.


Finally we thank each and every athlete that has taken great pains to compete in the Championships and made it memorable. The response was heart warming, though very slow to being with, picked up well in the last couple of days. You were extremely patient and made sure that the entire tournament went on as per schedule without significant delays. You have proven that we are one big Racquetball family and have also proven that Racquetball is a passion that never dies and is bound for greatness in the country.


We sincerely apologize if we have forgotten to thank anyone in particular and hope that you understand and it is not intentional.


We had a target to setup public access courts in the country by end of last year and have failed on that front, but the success of this tournament has motivated us again to make a great push to get courts by end of this year. This time we are even more confident that we can achieve it with some support. We request every single person to contribute their best possible effort to support the cause. While monetary support is greatly appreciated, what we really need are volunteers to help us reach other parts of the country. RAI on its part promises to do whatever is in its reach to support the growth of the amazing sport in any part of the country.


Three cheers to the Racquetball family, may it prosper and grow in India.


Let’s Play With a ROAR!!!



On behalf of RAI


Sri Kandadai, President