Team India (USA) Qualifiers – March18th – 20th 2016

With the growth of RAI in India, there have been several initiatives planned to continue promoting racquetball in India and encourage greater participation and continue the quest for more racquetball exposure in India.
As most of you know, the annual Lanco Hills India Open tournament in Hyderabad has been gaining in popularity. Participation had more than doubled in the 2nd edition of the tourney.
For the 2016 World Championships , RAI will be having 2 qualifier events – one during the 2016 India Open in Hyderabad and the other one in the Chicago area, Illinois
There will be 2 players selected at each of the qualifiers for TEAM INDIA.
US Qualifier Details:
Venue: Forest View Health and Racquet in Arlington Heights, IL
Dates:  March18th – 20th 2016
Organizers: Alok Mehta (2014 Team India Captain) / Dave Negrete

Entry Fee :  $75
Registration Details will be announced shortly
Spots : 2 Team India spots
India Qualifier Details:
Venue : Lanco Hills Club House, AP (near Hyderabad)
Jan 29th – 31st, 2016
Organizer: Srikaran Kandadai ( RAI President)
Entry fee and Registration details to be announced shortly
Spots: 2 Team India spots
If a qualified player from the India qualifiers drops out , the 3rd placed player from the US qualifier will be selected.
US based Indian players are eligible to try out at the India qualifiers as well. Similarly India based players can try out at the US qualifiers (although that may be an unlikely situation)
I have included as many email ID’s that I have been able to gather over the years in this email . Please forward to any other competitive Indian players who will be interested.
This year the Worlds are most likely to be held in Colombia in August (not confirmed yet)