Lanco Hills India Open Racquetball Championships – 2016

Racquetball Association (RAI) is proud to present the Third “Lanco Hills India Open”
Racquetball Singles and Doubles Championships – 2016 to be held at Lanco Hills Club Zeus,
Manikonda, Hyderabad, India from the 29th to 31st of January 2016.
More details available at the following sites:
Tournament Page:

This year’s tournament is even more special as there is going to be a Team India selection trials combined with the event. 2 of the 4 Team India slots will be up for grabs and all the more reason to support the event.

This is a IRF, ARF and RAI Sanctioned Event. IRF Official Rules of Racquetball shall apply. Players
must wear approved eye guards on court.
Directors reserve the right to combine events or reclassify players. RAI membership is required.

Official Ball: Penn Green
Hospitality: T-Shirt, food and drink are provided for all participants.
Skill Divisions for Singles Men and Women (Singles & Doubles): Open, A, B, C & D.
Special Divisions for Juniors: Under 12 & Under 18.
Entry Fee: Rs. 600 for the first event and Rs. 400 for subsequent event(s). Team India Qualifying
Event: Rs. 1,000.
RAI membership Fee: Rs. 1000 / Year OR Rs. 5000 / Life OR Rs. 200 / Single Tournament
* Divisions might be combined / removed based on the participation in each division. If there
are not enough Women players, we might even combine the Women and Men as well.